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Online Courses


Swift three months online Certificate course on “Law and Practice of Public Private Partnerships (PPP)” is intended to introduce participants to the provisions of the Law and Practice of PPPs. The course is aimed at providing a better understanding of the legal and economic aspects of public- private-partnerships, project life, contractual agreements and management issues.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) model has grown significantly in the past decade and is used extensively to design, build and deliver infrastructure worldwide. Yet the knowledge and know how regarding PPP has lagged behind in government as well as private agencies. This course covers each and everything relevant on PPP from inception to completion of the project. This course is designed to empower government or private sector executives and other stakeholders to design and deliver best-in-class infrastructure projects. The course is aimed at providing a better understanding of the legal and economic aspects of public- private-partnerships, sustainability factors covering the project life cycle, contractual agreements and management issues.

What do you learn?

This course provides an understanding of the key principles of PPPs and the role of PPPs in the delivery of infrastructure services, particularly in emerging markets. The wide coverage of this course covers PPP procurement, stage of PPPs, structures and models of PPP, contractual arrangements, arbitration process, financing a PPP etc. You will learn to understand PPPs and their role in increasing the delivery of quality infrastructure services. You will learn about the relevance of designing and implementing PPP in commercial as well as social infrastructure projects. You will learn about various forms of PPP procurement methods and how PPPs can help in project sustainability.

Training methodology:

  • Online reading materials with case studies
  • Module specific quiz and other learning materials.
  • Online examination for assessment
  • 24×7 access to contents
  • Access to speak to our experts to clarify any doubts instantly

What is unique about this course?

  • The PPP online training modules have been designed and developed for self-study and are tailored to provide a critical knowledge of various issues that policy-makers dealing with PPPs have to be aware of.
  • There are only few courses related to this topic as information and knowledge available is very less
  • It helps in understanding the procurement and contract law related to PPP
  • It is designed by taking inputs from academia and people having decades of practical exposure to the sector
  • It is less theoretical and more practical in nature.
  • The students will be guided throughout the course, through webinars, interacting platforms and Q&A sessions regularly
  • The students get a chance to intern with us for a period of 2 months if opted and selected through proper channel.

Who should take this course?

  • Students studying development economics, project management, sustainable infrastructure
  • Practicing professionals from development sector
  • Lawyers pursuing infrastructure and contract law
  • Policy makers and governments executives
  • Executives from development agencies, NGOs, CSOs
  • Research and Management Professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Academicians having interest in the field of project management and sustainable infrastructure
  • Students/professionals desirous of working with development authorities
  • Students interested in pursuing a career in PPP and infrastructure law
  • Any working professional desirous of gaining practical knowledge of PPP

Potential employers:

  • Development Firms
  • Consulting Organizations
  • Law firms
  • Research think tanks
  • Government PPP units
  • Multilateral agencies

How do our students benefit?

Participants benefit through gaining practical project aspects of PPP through this course. For a fresher, it provides her a value add for career growth. As PPP is sector agnostic, anyone can gain this knowledge and shift to their choice career by acquiring the knowledge. The career potential is huge for the persons who would like to shift their career midway. Also, as government is focusing heavily on PPP from commercial projects to social sector projects, it requires many professionals who can assist it in training and capacity building on PPP related matters. This course will also help trainers involved in public and private agencies for internal as well as external training purpose. If you are working in the public sector ( urban bodies, state government agencies, central PSU, various ministries) or in the private sector ( in project development, construction, O&M), development sector, research agencies, lawyers or students who intend to enhance their skills or pursue a career in PPP space, this course is specifically designed for you.