Associate ODR Professional (ODR Associate)

Course Description

This 1-month course is designed for beginners who have an interest in having the knowledge and skills in online dispute resolution that is required for individuals at any level of an organisation and across a broad range of industries and business functions.

Certification Conferred:

Certifying that the participant has completed 30 hours of Associate Level training in ADR- Mediation, Arbitration & Negotiation and ODR- Online Dispute Resolution to be an Associate ADR ODR Professional.

The participants may use the post-certification letters “ODR-Associate” to build an image as an Associate ODR Practitioner.

Eligibility/ Pre-Requisite:

This course is available to the following :

  • National or international Students of any discipline,
  • Academicians, Professionals, Employees of Regulatory Authorities,
  • Personnel from Government Departments/ Ministries, and
  • Executives of Public or Private Sector Enterprises

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of Online Dispute Resolution.
  • Understanding of various methods of Online Dispute Resolution.
  • Roadmap of resolving a dispute through Online Dispute Resolution.
  • Adapting online process of case management through Online Dispute Resolution.
  • Familiarize yourself with Online Dispute Resolution happening around the world.

Course Content

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2950(Student) / ₹ 5900(Pro)

Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • 4 Topics
  • 1 Exam
  • Course Certificate